Aviah Cohen Pierson for
Yorktown Town Justice

Dear Yorktown family,

I am running for Town Justice of the Town of Yorktown. I grew up in Yorktown and my roots in this town run even deeper as my parents still live here and my grandparents began living in Shrub Oak nearly seventy years ago. Therefore, my children, are actually fourth generation Yorktowners!

As a mother of two elementary school children, I recognize the importance of local law enforcement and the judiciary. Exposure to drugs, alcohol, and the Internet pose real dangers to our youth. It is the obligation of the court to be pro-active with our schools on every level.

The Yorktown Justice Court is the court closest to our community. In most instances, it is the only court a person will have contact with. Therefore, that experience must be a positive one.

I humbly seek your support and, if elected, I would serve as a tough, fair and compassionate Town Justice. I would bring to the court my life experiences as a mother, lawyer and deeply committed daughter of Yorktown.

Aviah Cohen Pierson, Esq.